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2013 Corvette Sales & Production
Sales Month Model Year
February 828 1,438 13,466
January 908 1,717
The Corvette
Black Book
When General Motors showed the Cherolet Corvette at the 1953 Motorama, it began what has become a 60 year journey of automotive immortality. Over those years, the Corvette experienced the best of times, as well as the worst of times. Today, Corvette is experiencing success it's rivals could only dream of.

Corvette has experienced sales success of over 1.5 millon units, saw its horsepower rise and fall, and achieve true Super Car status. The Corvette has spawned clubs and fans worldwide, and many collectors, some of whom collect only Corvettes. It has survived the chopping block, emissions and safety regulations, and most importantly, the General Motors bankruptcy.

Corvettes have won 24 hour contests at LeMans and Daytona, set closed course speed records, and gone 150 mph in 1955 on the sands of Daytona Beach, USA. The even had their own series dedicated to the marque, the Corvette Challenge.

As the Corvette nears its seventh generation, the road ahead looks even more promising.

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Bob McDorman

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